Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

We, IT developers, are looking for a wide market area for Augmented Reality technology. The main reason for this search is if a technology or a product does not have a place in the mess market, it cannot become a widely used daily object. Innovative studies at technology are substantial […]

Mobile Application

30 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mobile App

According to expeditious furtherance on technology, business areas took a step forward and Mobile Applications become more popular. Customers, nowadays, prefer to take services via Applications. Although, this is not the last trend also in today’s circumstances remote services are welcome to the public. Even if you may have a […]


Container Stack

Container Stack Layers: Limitations of Docker: Docker is only aware of the containers running on the machine it runs on Horizontal scaling in Docker does not exist Docker does not repair applications which become unhealty and cannot Virtual Machines vs Containers: Hardware Node with 4 apps: Comparison of Virtual Machines […]


Solutions of some common TIBCO BW failures-Part 2

Call process input failed –  COMPLEX_E_MISSING_ELEMENT_DECLARATION “<ns0:ErrorReport xmlns:ns0=””””><StackTrace>Job-12331880 Error in [Services/NXZ/Starters/nxz.process/Call Implementation] Call process input failed validation at at at at at at$JobCourier.runx( at$ caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXException: validation error: no declaration for element “”{””   ({com.tibco.xml.validation}COMPLEX_E_MISSING_ELEMENT_DECLARATION) at /ns1:DatabaseServiceRequest[1] com.tibco.xml.validation.exception.MissingDeclarationException: no declaration for element “”{”” […]


Solutions of some common TIBCO BW failures-Part 1

In this post, I tried to summarize the solution of some common Tibco BusinessWorks development errors. If I find much more time, I will try to continue this serie. BW-JDBC-100000 To solve BW-JDBC-100000 error code you must put OJDBC5.jar file to your Tibco directory such as “C:\tibco\bw\5.9\lib”  ” at least two fragment […]