Integration Solutions with TIBCO Tools, Java Tech. Tools and Oracle OSM

WodenSoft provides expert software integration services to help corporations operate within a seamless software application environment. With numerous software applications on the market, corporations need an cost-effective and effective way of integrating the different applications together so that their employees and business operations work in a cohesive manner. Software integration is especially important in a data driven world where various business functions and business data is captured in different software applications.

Software integration includes bringing together core components of the applications and integrating them into subsystems or integrating them together to create a new product. Integration requires complex and sophisticated software engineering to bring the right components together to form a cohesive whole. The amount of software engineering for each integration solution is highly dependent and is based on a variety factors including on the scope of the business operations, number of applications to be integrated and complexity of each application

With WodenSoft integration services companies can integrate the many software applications that make their front end and back end operations run smoothly. Integrated applications may include ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ECM (Enterprise Content Management), and HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems).

WodenSoft has at its disposable a variety of software integration tools, testing methods and technology. Integration technologies used by the company has been chosen based on its capabilities, technical specification and their ability to offer cost-effective and timely integrations. One technology utilised by the company is TIBCO BusinessWorks™. WodenSoft IT Solutions also utilises TM Forums Share Information Data Model and Framework, which is used in the telecommunications industry for integrations.

Software integration can sometimes appear a very lingering process, but we realised its importance and are completely prepared for challenges. WodenSoft ensures seamless integration of the software with your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ECM (Enterprise Content Management), Billing and other business systems. To implement your system integration we are using TIBCO tools, Java Tech. tools and Oracle OSM.

Our Solutions using Apache Kafka 

In many solutions we are using Apache Kafka instead of DBlink in the traditional methods for transferring data between systems. Apache Kafka is publish-subscribe based fault tolerant messaging system. It is fast, scalable and distributed by design.

Kafka as integration solution - TIBCO

Kafka as integration solution

For more information please visit our Kafka page.

Our Tibco BusinessWorks 5.x to 6.x Service Transformation Solution

Tibco BusinessWorks 6 is a modern integration and service delivery platform ready for modern concepts such Mobile, Cloud, Internet of Things or Microservices.

Your architecture will compliant with cloud technology with BusinessWorks 6 transformation from BusinessWorks 5.x.


  • Tibco BusinessWorks 5.x doesn’t support cloud technology.
  • Technical support for various BusinessWorks 5.x versions has ended and the rest will not be available shortly. Please check support status of your version from here.

Key Insight:

  • With BusinessWorks 6, Service and API implementation is easy. Easy process, service, and API implementation is necessary to adapt integration problems in a fast and agile way.
  • BusinessWorks 6  is a modular lightweight platform for integration projects.
  • It has unified view for central management and monitoring.
  • SOAP and REST services can also be implemented within one single process implementation. Of course, within an operation, you can call several different REST, SOAP and/or BusinessWorks processes.
  • BusinessWorks 6 supports all stages such as development, debugging, testing, and deployment based on the Eclipse ecosystem.
    • BusinessWorks 6 supports continious integration with  Jenkins and End-to-end automated test automation with JUnit plugin because it is based on Eclipse IDE. This capability enables to test the impact of a change to all related services with one button click.
  • With BusinessWorks 6 cloud support, engines load can be scalable in busy days such as monday campaings.


  • Tibco BusinessWorks 5.x to 6.x service transformation can be done with several phases.
  • This transformation does not bring additional hardware costs, because existing servers can be used. For instance, BusinessWorks 5 can be replaced with BusinessWorks 6 on an existing server and Tibco BusinessWorks 6 services can be deployed on this server.  Also, Tibco servers support more than one version on the same machine in different directories.

For more information please visit our Transformation page.