System Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics Services

WodenSoft IT Solutions offers customers system monitoring, reporting and analytics services that enable them to harness the benefits of their corporate data.

Through the use of Tableau, a leading interactive data visualisation software, WodenSoft IT Solutions creates custom dashboards for its clients. These visualising and informative dashboards help clients monitor critical key performance indicators, revenue, business functions, and people.

WodenSoft IT Solutions also creates custom reports and statistics for routine, quarterly annual reporting. In creating reports, the company develops and programs SQL-based reports that are in turn deployed and executed on corporate relational databases. These SQL-based reports retrieve and manipulate data in the relational database and extracts pertinent information needed for business operations. For example, a university that uses a relational database for student records might need a customised SQL-based report to generate a list of names of under performing students.

Some examples of our reporting and analytics services: